OutreGAN Over Apache Spark

This technology is closed source. To see examples of the archetypes of neural nets it can connect you to please [click here.]
This technology packages and distributes all the other AIs into dockers that propogate with our Kubernetes containers. They run individualized tasks for customers. It provides a web interface for interacting with each neural net which will be accessible here when finalized. Most importantly, it silently negotiates tasks in our network to get data to each "brain" quickly and processed data back to the customer just in time.
By sending frames and other data out over a cluster for processing, results can come back to the user just in time for a streaming experience or can bring back a full video result lightning fast. With Kubernetes, we segment each neural net into it's own kubelet instance that's primed and ready to take in and process frames.
While we will be releasing packages people can run for free on their own bare metal, we're offering OGANOAS as a paid-subscription content delivery network service which is already proving in preliminary tests to be an efficient way to share GPU power for a cost effective service.
This technology is in development, and will release as a package that will allow users to connect their regular files, video files, or files they link to online for processing.
We reserve all rights regarding our OutreGAN. Licenses will become available for customers soon.